S S Business Consultancy | Management Consultancy
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Management Consultancy

SSBMC explores business existing procedures and try to provide with solutions for more efficient flow of processes. Job descriptions, roles and responsibilities are proposed to fit the need of the businesses. Processes are designed to make the flow of work more smooth and fault tolerant. It involves investigating the current businesses, analysing the loopholes and suggesting the accommodative solutions to streamline the processes.

Management consultancy covers following sub services:

  • Assessing the functions, objectives and requirements of the organization; seeking advice
  • Identifying problems concerned with business strategy, policy, organization, procedures, methods and markets;
  • Determining the appropriate method of data collection and research methodology; analyzing and interpreting information gained and formulating and implementing recommendations and solutions
  • Advising organizations and other clients in light of research findings
  • Analysing data and documentation and verifications for Back office management and support
  • Advising solutions for business modelling and design and change management
  • Providing with cost effective and efficient solutions to cope up with market recession
  • Preparing Back up business plans based on research findings